Sales Conditions

1. Application
The present general sales conditions apply to all offers, tasks, agreements and deliveries performed by Printrix. They are regarded as formally and expressly accepted by the customers. They remain in effect even if it would be in contradiction with the general or special conditions of purchase of the principals, except when Printrix would have accepted the latter conditions in  express and written form.

2. Prices
The prices payable plus VAT (except intracomunautaire schemes), are billed separately for each invoice and are payable within fourteen days of the invoice date. For non-payment within the period stated on the invoice, the amount of 1% per month (starting from the due date and calculated on the amount of arrears and VAT) shall automatically and without notice be added to the total amount on the invoice, this in application of Articles 1226 and 1229 of the Civil Code. All administrative costs and costs of amicable collection that Printrix makes to collect the arrears and any other damages Printrix suffers by default of payment, are as of the 60th day after the date of invoice charged in full to the customer, with a minimum of 10% of the overdue fees and VAT or € 100, whichever amount is greater. This also in application of Articles 1226 and 1229 of the Civil Code. Failure to pay within a period of 15 days after the due date, Printrix may immediately, by law and without further notice terminate the related contract. Printrix will take the initiative of giving the client formal notice of default by registered letter and include the date as from which this contract is considered dissolved. Any discount granted are valid once only and create no rights to the future. Printrix reserves the right to charge additional fees for modification of the original invoice at the request of the customer.

3. Offers
All offers are without engagement and Printrix is only bound to the offer if the offer is received by Printrix and signed by the client within fourteen days. All prices included in the offers are excluding VAT and other governmental levies, as well as any part of the contract costs, including shipping and handling, unless otherwise stated in the quotation.

4. Orders
Orders are binding for the client when the total amount stated on the order form is transferred to the account of Printrix.

5. Extra costs
If an intervention or project is spread over two or more days and an employee of Printrix must stay overnight in a hotel, the customer will bear the cost of the accommodation. All travel expenses are added on the invoice. These extra costs are calculated by Printrix and have to be accepted by the client before the activities take place.

6. Objections
If the products do not conform to the invoice, the Client must notify Printrix immediately and no later than three days after receiption of goods. Any objection from the client must be sent with a copy of the bill. Any complaint about the quality of a product must be shipped with a specimen of the product and the indication of the defect, and if necessary to prove the facts, an example of the product in question in its original packaging with the required references for identification. No objections can be observed when the conditions above are not met.

7. Returning of products
Products can only be returned after a written agreement by Printrix. These products must be sent to Printrix, all shipping costs are for the client. The products must be in perfect condition and carefully packed in their original packaging, without changes to the references and serial numbers, the labels must be intact as well as the seals and stamps to make it possible to resell the products. In case a products is returned without prior authorization or the procedure for returning the products was not folowed correctly, the merchandise is systematically returned to the client at their cost.

8. Property
The goods remain the property of Printrix until the full payment of the agreed price. The buyer is not allowed to sell the goods or give ownership of the goods to third parties as long as they remain the property of the seller. In case of non compliance with this prohibition, a compensation of 50% of the purchase price will be charged, regardless of the payment of the purchase price.

9. Liability
Insofar Printrix in his activities depends on the cooperation, services and supplies from third parties, Printrix can not be held liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of these relationships with Printrix or the breaking of the relationship, regardless of when they where created or became visible during the relationship with Printrix. Printrix is only liable if the customer proves that Printrix commitments were not fulfilled due to improper actions. In that case the customer can ask for compensation for incurred and proven damages from Printrix. The compensation is limited to the immediate and direct consequence of the faulty actions of Printrix. The customer can not claim compensation for other damages such as loss of interest or financial investments or expected profits, consequences of a strike, increases in general costs, etc. If possible, Printrix will repair the mistakes at its own expenses. In that case the Customer will not be able to claim compensation any more. If the customer wants to use his right to claim damage compensation he shall, within six months after the occurrence of the alleged mistakes made by Printrix, notify Printrix by registered letter. Under penalty of forfeiture of this right.

10. Confidentiality
Parties undertake to keep confidential any commercial and technical information and trade secrets that they learn from the other party, even after the termination of the agreement, and only use it for the execution of the agreement.

11. Cases of force majeure
Special situations such as strikes, public unrest, administrative measures and other unexpected events on which Printrix has no control, free Printrix, for the duration of the hindrance and their scope, of its commitments, without giving the right to the customer to ask for price reduction or claim compensation for damage, loss, etc.

12. Cancellation
Each contract shall be automatically terminated by death, insolvency, dissolution or bankruptcy of the Customer. In case of insolvency or bankruptcy, the contract ends by operation of law at the time the payments to Printrix are being discontinued. Printrix will cancel an order in case the given VAT number is not valid, or if the required documents for exemption by Printrix have not been received within seven days after the order was made.

13. Void
If any provision of these terms and conditions is invalid, the other provisions will remain in full force, Printrix and the customer will replace the invalid provision by another provision that will come as closely as possible to the purpose and intent of the invalid provision.

14. Applicable law
These general conditions are governed by Belgian law. The applicable laws are the laws of Belgium.
In case of dispute only the courts of our operation office have jurisdiction.